Jonez Tonez Soundkit

My new "Jonez Tonez" soundkit series is finally here! The first of many volumes to come! I record and design my own samples constantly when working on instrumentals. So with this kit series, I'm offering those EXCLUSIVE sounds along with new additional content! As always, the content is original and unique (nothing recycled). If you enjoy the Tone Jonez sound, this kit series is for you! 
I used a wide array of professional gear/instruments, my voice, and also common household items to create this kit! Each sound was designed with quality at the forefront. There's a little bit of everything included! Over 200 samples to help you get your creative juices flowing!  This is stuff you DON'T already have. Pair this kit with your favorite drum libraries and you'll be on your way!

Kit Details:
  • 200+ Wav Files Total
  • 40 Creative BPM Loops (Tempos Included)
  • 57 Melodic Stabs
  • 68 Vocal Stabs
  • 51 Extras (Fx/Percussion/Odds and Ends)
  • All Original and Unique (Nothing Recycled)
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Recorded/Processed with TOP Quality gear from Neumann, Manley, Avalon, Apogee, Etc.
  • Compatible with anything that accepts 24bit WAV format
Price: $29.99

Demo Created 100% With Jonez Tonez Soundkit Samples

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